Alice Springs Airport tests emergency response with field exercise

Alice Springs Airport (ASA) will be testing its emergency response plan in today’s field exercise. The exercise, which will begin at approximately 2pm, will feature a simulated B737 aircraft crash that results in a fire and injured passengers.

As a Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) requirement, field exercises are conducted to ensure that the airport Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting services (ARFFs) and all external emergency services are prepared in the event of a real emergency.

ASA General Manager Dave Batic, says realism is an important factor when running a field exercise.

“The aim of these exercises is to give our emergency procedures a work-out, testing roles and responsibilities, and making sure the airport and agencies are well-equipped to work together,” he said. “Today’s exercise will feature smoke to signify an aircraft fire, so we just want to let the community know to not be worried if they see smoke rising above the airport.”

As well as ARFFs, other participants in the exercise include NT Police, NT Fire and Rescue Service, St Johns Ambulance and NT Emergency Service, which will all use the opportunity to test their own responses. Red Cross representatives will also play a key role in assisting management of passengers and relatives, which is a critical component during any real life crisis. The event will be recorded and evaluated, and outcomes will inform future emergency response planning at the airport.