Alice Springs Airport Public Art Precinct

The Alice Springs Airport Public Art Precinct collection consists of 24 pillar bases, 18 bollards, canopies, awnings, a free standing sculpture, fence and signage. The art on display is an ode to the Central Australian artistic landscape, a statement with a positive message.

The public art project was commissioned by Northern Territory Airports to showcase the rich cultural diversity of Central Australia.

Local artists have helped to create a space for both visitors and locals to enjoy, inspired by the wonders of the Central Australian desert.

The contributing indigenous and non–indigenous artists are from the Keringke Art Centre at Santa Teresa, Tapatjatjaka Art Centre at Titjikala and Alice Springs.

The artworks form a colourful canopy spanning the length of the taxi stand, pillars, bollards, awnings and the taxi stand fence, covering the airport’s exit area.

Local artists Pamela Lofts and Pip McManus created a ‘Storyleaves’ sculpture of three leaf like-forms evoking an Indigenous oral storytelling tradition whereby gum leaves, often representing characters in stories, are poked into the ground and moved around as the storyteller recounts the tale.

Northern Territory Airports and the Jumbana Group started the project in 2009 and worked with indigenous communities and art centres to run workshops as part of the project.

The factsheet can be downloaded here.

Santa Teresa Keringke Art Centre (80km south east of Alice Springs) 

  • Josette Young (pillar bases)
  • Patricia Ellis (pillar bases, awnings, canopy) 
  • Muriel Williams (pillar bases)
  • Rosina Ryder (taxi stand fence)

Titjikala Tapatjatjaka Art Centre (120km south of Alice Springs)

  • Nora Campbell (bollards, canopy)
  • Marcia Alice (bollards)
  • Annette Gilligan (awnings)


  • Pamela Lofts and Pip McManus (Storyleaves sculpture)